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Mobile 1 Synthetic...

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Hey everyone,

So my car was at about 14K and i needed an oil change so i decided that I wanted to do synthetic. I took it to the dealership and to my surprise they actually had Mobile 1 as their synthetic. (Mobile 1 is by far the best synthetic oil out there).
Anyway, I have a quick question. I know that synthetic oil lasts longer than normal oil because it doesnt break down nearly as fast. But am i correct when I guess that the oil still needs to be changed around 3000 or so because the oil can still get DIRTY? Thanks everyone in advance for your info.

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Ok so oil wont get that dirty where it will need to be changed every 3K miles right? So i can in fact wait about 5k with Mobile 1 before I need to change it, even 7500? Because the dealership put the sticker on the windshield and it was written down that I need to go back after 3500 miles... Thanks everyone for all the great info, this really helps
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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