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i find more and more stuff every day to sell!

1st item...

gauge pod.
this pod is attached to my stock pillar.
you are purchasing the pod and pillar already attached together
the pillar is Gray and the pod is black.
the pod is made for a different car but looks very nice and sits good in our cars!

asking 50 dollars plus shipping. (gauges not included)

2nd item...

2004 taillight passenger side.

this was bought to try and fit it on my 2003 it did not fit
there were 2 things cut off the back of the taillight to try and fit it on my 2003 the 2 things cut off should not affect mounting
all 3 screw studs are still attached

these pics show what was cut off
kinda hard to see

40 dollars plus shipping for taillight (original hyundai part in hyundai box)
(steal of a price)

last item 4 sale

6.5" bazooka bass tube
used but still works good and sounds good
no amp built in just tube and sub

asking 40 dollars plus shipping

also dont forget to checkout my rims im selling
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