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rare discountinued front upper strut bar by Mussa : $80firm (+S&H and PayPal fees)

^ DYNO PROVEN HORSE POWER GAINS!!! email us for more info.
Good luck trying to find these on Ebay anytime soon kiddies. LOL!!!
these are true performance headers and not that cheap obx knock off crap.
for starters, take a look at the images and NOTICE the 4 runners collect at a collecter and NOT a reducer like the cheap fake sh*t on ebay.
These are 100% stainless steel and were produced by engineers in Korea that work directly with Hyundai Motor Corp.
last but certainly not least, these headers will include BOTH O2 oxygen sensors. We have taken the EXTRA step to add a deeper bungle to trip the 02 sensor so that your check engine light will not turn on.
Condition of the headers is labeled used BUT they have less than 6K miles on them and were primarely used for testing purposes ONLY!
You will also notice we did not bottom out the car and dent the plumbing as seen in soooo many used headers.
these are super rare and discountinued.
production cost on these were very expensive and later discovered that the supporting Elantra/Avante community was to broke to afford these. LOL!!!
These retailed $400+ when they were available by such comapnies as Shark Racing and a few others. Serious about your 2.0L motor? THEN BUY THESE HEADERS!
(gott'em coach!)

headers : $200obo (+S&H and PayPal fees)

CONTACT : [email protected]

Contact us directly!
We will not respond to IM here.

Local Pick up available!!!

more of the car we're parting out:
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