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My condolences to Elantra and a deer!

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This evening on my way home, I hit something really hard on the highway. I thought maybe I hit a rock, but I was able to keep driving slowly. I couldn't stop because there was no shoulder and very dark. It was a desolate rural highway. I heard some noise from under the car. I guessed maybe I had a flat tire. After I drove around 5 miles, finally I stopped at a gas station. What a mess! I had front end damage! The hood was buckled and radiator was crushed in. The car was steaming and transmission fluid was leaking down. Some people looked at the car and found deer hair stuck in the front. I called police for a crash report. I am going to call my insurance company tomorrow. It looks like a total loss. I guess I should say goodbye to my car. It has been a loyal car for 11 years and 333, 524 miles. I can still start the engine right up and tires are intact! Is it worth to repair?

The police officer went back where I might struck a deer because the dead deer on the highway may cause another accident. After he came back, he said to me he located the deer and moved it to the roadside.


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It depends what kind of repair you need and what the car means to you. The transmission leak sounds most important here. You can get a new hood, lights, bumper even radiator no n problem. But wait and see what has happened to the transmission. This sucks man. I feel for you. 333,000 miles. That's amazing. You obviously cared for your car. Wait and see what a mechanic says. It's up to you. If it's nothing to serious and you just need parts like I mentioned before, I say go ahead and repair it. I would. It's up to you though. That really sucks. For the deer too. But it's sad to see an XD like that. I hope you find out it's nothing to serious and just needs the obvious repairs. Let us know.

I just got home. Was playing in a pool tournament. Now I can see the pictures on my laptop vs. my phone and can see with much more clarity. I wish we could see the engine. So far everything damaged is just cosmetic. Hopefully everything under the good is in good condition. Was the dent on the right front fender and door there before or was that from the accident?

What year is your car? Is the color Champagne Metallic, paint code KO?

That's a lot of damage. How fast were you going?
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Sorry for your loss. That's a tough way to go down.
The trans fluid is probably coming from the broken radiator.
Was the car driving straight?
Was there any bad vibration?
I can still drive short distance almost straight. It didn't vibrate. Some noise from under the fender, which I initially thought I had a flat tire, but it was from damaged fender dangling and touching the tire. It was unbelievable that I was able to drive 5 miles after crash with leaking coolant and transmission fluid. However, my car didn't overheat. Maybe because I think it was bitterly cold last night. I was shivering outside because I didn't bring a coat. I couldn't stop in the middle of rural highway without shoulder because it can cause secondary accident. My car is champagne metallic color. Someone checked under the hood with flashlight. I saw the radiator was pushed back down and crumbled and radiator hoses were pinched and leaking coolant. Driver side headlight area was crushed. I couldn't open the driver side front door, so I got out through the passenger side door. I guess because of the damaged fender pushing against the door. Fortunately, it looks like the bumper was not damaged except the bumper cover.

The police office says that it was a young deer. I didn't even recognize what I hit after accident because it was so dark and it happened in a split second. I think that the deer is tall and the bumper hit the legs first and it landed on the right side of the hood. There are many fatal deer-related accident every year in the US. If it was a large adult deer, it might have crashed onto the windshield and I should've lost control and it could result in fatal accident. One more factor to the crash is that I was driving slowly around 50 mph to minimize consumption of gas because the car was low in fuel. There is no gas station at that 22 mile stretch of the highway. If I was driving at 70 mph, the outcome might be different.
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Well, I guess you were lucky in that it happened the way it did.

If your bumper is alright, then it might not be totaled. Depends on what it costs. Hood, left front fender, driver headlight, bumper cover, radiator and probably some hoses, maybe a new horn, grill, one new sidemarker.

When will the insurance have someone look at it?
In my opinion, an 11 year old car with 333K miles is totaled with that amount of damage. Most insurance companies have a % of value to determine if it's worth fixing. A 2003 Elantra with over 300K is not worth much, so relatively little damage can result in them calling it dead. So many Elantras were totaled in the heyday of EXD due to their low resale values. It didn't take a whole-lot of damage to make the repair bills hit x% of the value and declare it a total loss.
Thanks hyunelan2 for your candid opinion. My wife and I didn't expect to repair the car either, so it may be time to go.
Damn, that's quite a hit.

Sorry for the loss, I hope you get a different one some time down the road :)
The trans leak is from the radiator trans cooler being busted. Simple fix there. Fact that it drove well tells me nothing is bad with the engine or transmission. Radiator support will need to be replaced, they are bolted on. Headlight, hood and grille need replacing. Bumper cover might, but they can be repaired.

I would guess it would cost about $3500 to fix, but that might be over the 75% threshold insurance companies use to total the car. Ironically, Hyundai has kept the resale values inflated over the past several years, and the insurance company may consider fixing it.
I have seen many XD's on going for over $6000. They are usually low miles but even the low mile XD's can go for over $4000. So, like I said before and others are saying, maybe it's not totaled.

When will it be looked at be a mechanic?
If the air bags didnt deploy they will consider fixing it. Idk how the salvage laws work in your state, but you could buy it back and fix it yourself. It's all pretty easy to do, the paint will set you back if you cant spray it. Otherwise jist leave it primered
KBB Lists a 2003 Elantra with 333,524 miles in EXCELLENT condition as being worth $2,034 private party. That's in the Chicago area market, which is relatively high. Unless you can do a bunch of work yourself, you can't fix that car for the price you can go buy another one like it.
Thanks. It is said that if a driver brakes suddenly and bumps at a deer, the deer will bounce and land at the windshield and strike the driver or front passenger and it will be deadly. Someone also suggests that just hit the deer gently and don't put brake. Too many deer-related accidents happen when drivers veer the vehicles off to avoid hitting deer.
When will it be looked at by a mechanic?
KBB Lists a 2003 Elantra with 333,524 miles in EXCELLENT condition as being worth $2,034 private party. That's in the Chicago area market, which is relatively high. Unless you can do a bunch of work yourself, you can't fix that car for the price you can go buy another one like it.
Depends on the calculation the insurance company uses to estimate the value. I have noticed though over the last few months, the XD has retained a value higher than I had considered, and higher than what they sold for used about 9 years ago. KBB usually places values about 80-90% of what they sell for.
Example I came up with ranges values to be between $3600-5900.
I was told that the insurance adjuster will come within 4 business days. The bodyshop where my vehicle is stored haven't yet given me an estimate.

The airbag didn't deploy, but I don't know what else damages were done under the hood because I couldn't open it. I might replace the radiator and headlight assembly, but a lot more costs for body repair.
I just received a call from the adjuster, saying that the insurance co. has decided as a total loss for cash value payment of $2,575.19. It's a bitter farewell. It's been a reliable transportation for over a decade. Thanks bye bye!
At 333,000 miles that car should not have gone that way. I live here in southern California and a few weeks ago in Costa Mesa a 92 year old man was walking across a street and was run over and killed by a 95 year old man. Not on purpose, just an accident. But when you are 92, that's not why you should go, because someone wasn't paying attention. You lived 92 years, been around and seen a lot, and your life ends because someone wasn't paying attention.

Just like your car. 333,000 miles and some dumb *** deer just had to jump out and hit your car. That really sucks. I wonder how far that car could have gone. I wonder if it could have hit 400,000. Very sad to hear.

So what are you going to get now? I have an 02 gls and I am stuck on these cars. I wouldn't want another kind. Something between 02-06. I have actually been looking out for a silver XD2 gt sedan with a sunroof, low miles, in good condition, near to my location. Or same car, but rally red. If one shows up, I just might buy it. I know how well these cars are made and how well they run. I love modding mine, and I don't want anything else.

Well, so what's the plan for your automotive future?

This is what I am looking for, just needs a sunroof. This car looks really well maintained.
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I say buy it back and fix it if u can... I did it 3 times with one car and twice with my truck. Its not as expensive as you think
I've bought both my elantras for less than $1000 a piece... Just find another one..
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