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My condolences to Elantra and a deer!

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This evening on my way home, I hit something really hard on the highway. I thought maybe I hit a rock, but I was able to keep driving slowly. I couldn't stop because there was no shoulder and very dark. It was a desolate rural highway. I heard some noise from under the car. I guessed maybe I had a flat tire. After I drove around 5 miles, finally I stopped at a gas station. What a mess! I had front end damage! The hood was buckled and radiator was crushed in. The car was steaming and transmission fluid was leaking down. Some people looked at the car and found deer hair stuck in the front. I called police for a crash report. I am going to call my insurance company tomorrow. It looks like a total loss. I guess I should say goodbye to my car. It has been a loyal car for 11 years and 333, 524 miles. I can still start the engine right up and tires are intact! Is it worth to repair?

The police officer went back where I might struck a deer because the dead deer on the highway may cause another accident. After he came back, he said to me he located the deer and moved it to the roadside.


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I've bought both my elantras for less than $1000 a piece... Just find another one..
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