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My old Pic

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I dont know how to get the pic of my car I was using on the old page set up onto the new one as a signature. Please help me. :(
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Just go to the old XD and go to EDIT your profile and copy your old sig then paste it on your new profile on the new XD.
So simple thank you !! Ill try it

The link to edit your profile is no longer there????
right click ont he picture, then properties and copy the link!

This was the adress for the pic but I still cant get it right. Forgive my computer skills they are definatly lacking. I just want it to post the pic when I start a new thread or reply to one. Thanks for everyones help.
now go to your signature and click on the icon that says image or something and just paste your link!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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