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my transmission swap

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its in..

i still have 3 things left to do.

the steering rack needs to get bolted in and to the steering column.

And I bolted up the starter and tried to start the car. sounded horrible. I come to find out the m/t and a/t starters are different? Looks like I'm going to spend 125 dollars of money I don't have to get a m/t one because I never pulled it off the junk car. :( :(

I also have to work out the wiring for the starter circuit. I jumped 2 wires that I thought i needed to jump (power to the line that senses if the car is in P or N) and when the key was in the on position the starter was going. So I need to tap into a "power when crank" wire (somewhere???) in the engine bay and then I'll be good to go with that..

I worked on it for 2 hours last night on my lift, and today I started bright and early at 745, worked straight until a 15 minute lunch brake at 130, and then worked straight until 830pm. I've had a long day and it's not even done yet and will probably end up costing me 125 bucks for a M/T starter :mad: :mad: :mad:
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plus a MT ECU/TCU. ouch
Atleast one if not two accent swappers from have run auto accent ecms on a 5spd beta setup. Throws a CEL but doesn't cause problems with the engine. Even if he does need one its $100 from at the most.
hes probably going to need an XD2 ECU and TCU...unless the ECU/TCU is the same unit on the manual xd2s. an XD ECU wont work due to the XD only using the ECU for engine and tranny, as well as differences like the xd2 controlling MAF sensor and CVVT

why did you **** with the steering components again?


why did you **** with the steering components again?

To drop the subframe, the steering rack comes with it. I followed the workshop manual removal and installation instructions.

Also the ECU/TCU is a single component according to the wiring diagrams manual, referred to as the "PCM" I need to get one that is for an 05+, No ABS or Trac. I can drive it without the manual ECU, it will just throw codes for the input shaft sensor, output shaft sensor, relay shift solenoids, etc etc...

I'm gonna edit my post and post up pictures in a minute...


Subframe laying on the ground w/ steering rack attached

Transmission to the right, engine to the left

Picture of the automatic transmission's flexplate + washer (m/t does not use the washer)

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Dumb ?? but that plate looking thing did that stay on with when you put the ?M/T on? The reason I ask is because I bought a new engine for my car and the engine was used on an auto elantra but I have a m/t one, anyways now when ever I go to start the car the thing grinds like crazy and the starter only last 4 times then it will not start. I took that plate off and put the flywheel on there, should I have left it on there?
you're supposed to swap over your MT flex plate to replace the AT flex plate.

not sure if thats what you were looking for or not.......
Well I swapped the flywhyeel, basically my ? is...Is there supposed to be a plate or anything behind the flywheel?
yes.....the auto flex plate is different from the manual one, but they both have it.
you selling your trans converter from your auto trans?
K so this is the order then... Motor, flex plate thing, flywheel, clutch disc and pressure plate
ahhhhh you took the whole subframe off! when I drop it I only do it on one side and you can take the tranny off if you loosen the other side.

I just bolted my flywheel strait to the motor I didnt put any type of spacer in there, did I do it wrong?
That I don't know. All I know is that in preparation of my swap I have to replace the flex plate on the new engine with my existing one from my 5spd. I'm not sure if you can get away with not using one though.
Great I dont think you can, I think that is why I am having the grinding issue... I just called Hyundai and they siad the Autos have a thing in there but they think (sounds very reissuring lol) the flywheel just bolts to the motor.
hmmm, I'll let you know when I do mine.......if no one gets back to you sooner :)

and Keyan, good luck meng.....So do you think after going through all this it will be worth the trouble (for those who look into doing the same).
awsome thanks.
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