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my transmission swap

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its in..

i still have 3 things left to do.

the steering rack needs to get bolted in and to the steering column.

And I bolted up the starter and tried to start the car. sounded horrible. I come to find out the m/t and a/t starters are different? Looks like I'm going to spend 125 dollars of money I don't have to get a m/t one because I never pulled it off the junk car. :( :(

I also have to work out the wiring for the starter circuit. I jumped 2 wires that I thought i needed to jump (power to the line that senses if the car is in P or N) and when the key was in the on position the starter was going. So I need to tap into a "power when crank" wire (somewhere???) in the engine bay and then I'll be good to go with that..

I worked on it for 2 hours last night on my lift, and today I started bright and early at 745, worked straight until a 15 minute lunch brake at 130, and then worked straight until 830pm. I've had a long day and it's not even done yet and will probably end up costing me 125 bucks for a M/T starter :mad: :mad: :mad:
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i'll take that last part as a challenge! reece when you get the torque converter we're going to try and prove keyan wrong! hahaha

good job dude. i've seen several xds with bad auto trans around and i had thought about getting them just to swap to manuals because it wouldn't be that hard. i can't believe you didn't even think the starters would be different... hold on there was something else i wanted to say but i'm sure i'll think of it later
i thought thats how it was. now keyan has to learn to drive a stick proficently
keyan had a v6 tib?
what'd you know... keyan can do something right :tongue:
he got the orginal donor car for pretty cheap so it wasn't that much at all.
Are you boosted or something? How are you beating up your trannys that bad?
Sounds like a code 18. I have 138k on my trans and its seen its share of abuse. Track runs, teenage driving, dyno, and its still going strong. I am convinced that one day I'm going to blow it up but so far its holding fine.
This is not a thread to discuss your reckless pursuit to see how fast the car will go, this thread is for swapping from automatic to manual. Please keep it to that.
1 - 8 of 102 Posts
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