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my transmission swap

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its in..

i still have 3 things left to do.

the steering rack needs to get bolted in and to the steering column.

And I bolted up the starter and tried to start the car. sounded horrible. I come to find out the m/t and a/t starters are different? Looks like I'm going to spend 125 dollars of money I don't have to get a m/t one because I never pulled it off the junk car. :( :(

I also have to work out the wiring for the starter circuit. I jumped 2 wires that I thought i needed to jump (power to the line that senses if the car is in P or N) and when the key was in the on position the starter was going. So I need to tap into a "power when crank" wire (somewhere???) in the engine bay and then I'll be good to go with that..

I worked on it for 2 hours last night on my lift, and today I started bright and early at 745, worked straight until a 15 minute lunch brake at 130, and then worked straight until 830pm. I've had a long day and it's not even done yet and will probably end up costing me 125 bucks for a M/T starter :mad: :mad: :mad:
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m/ts have no flex plate...... crank->flywheel->clutch/PP
ahhhh, thanks for the clarification :)
Great I dont think you can, I think that is why I am having the grinding issue... I just called Hyundai and they siad the Autos have a thing in there but they think (sounds very reissuring lol) the flywheel just bolts to the motor.

the flywheel bolts to the motor. that flexplate this composed of 2 peices. the + looking thing and a washer. remove BOTH before installing flywheel. Make sure the starter you are using is from a manual tranmission.


I got the steering rack all bolted up, rolled it out of my bay and popped the clutch :D :D :D :D

It works good. But that CEL is nice and bright and I don't have a speedo. I think my hack job on the pass. side ABS sensor got me (ie. what happened to evan)

Hopefully when I get the m/t starter on friday, i can just bolt it up and go ! (if not i'll be rolling it down hills to get it started for a while)

ahhhhh you took the whole subframe off! when I drop it I only do it on one side and you can take the tranny off if you loosen the other side.

take a look at how big the A/T is in that one picture. When I was pulling it off the engine, it was halfway into the driver side wheel well before it came off.

Trust me, to get an a/t off this car, the subframe has to be removed. :)
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i'll take that last part as a challenge! reece when you get the torque converter we're going to try and prove keyan wrong! hahaha

good job dude. i've seen several xds with bad auto trans around and i had thought about getting them just to swap to manuals because it wouldn't be that hard. i can't believe you didn't even think the starters would be different... hold on there was something else i wanted to say but i'm sure i'll think of it later
james, if you keep popping the clutch to get it started, theres a good chance you can **** something up. just wait for the starter to drive it again
m/t don't have a TCU.Just a ECM.The TCM controls the logic for the auto trans.Also,you should have left the steering rack in the vehicle.Just take a bungee cord and wrap it around the rack and hang it from a higher point in the engine bay.Thats what I do ;)

Good job on the swap though.You wont know what the hell to do with yourself when you get to finally control the trans instead of the trans controlling you.
m/t don't have a TCU.Just a ECM.
Man, I thought I was right on that one. Thanks! lol

i thought thats how it was. now keyan has to learn to drive a stick proficently

I remember when he had his V6 tibby and kept complaining about stalling it

Man, I thought I was right on that one. Thanks! lol
Not a problem lol
keyan had a v6 tib?
for a week or two...right before he got the XD2 IIRC
^ what he said.

black one, a GT I think. I know it was a 6 spd.

^ what he said.

black one, a GT I think. I know it was a 6 spd.
Damn you guys are good. It was a special edition, actually.

My starter comes in today, woo hoo :D

Also I found these on ebay
^ what he said.

black one, a GT I think. I know it was a 6 spd.
he is like my wife....rolladecks for a memory!!

good luck getting everything together and solving this...;)
Got the refirb starter and installed it. Jumped the correct wires and it LIVES !

pics of interior??
pics of interior??
sure but......why?
just to prove that you now have a 5sp...who knows
pics are from my camera phone in my dark garage, sorry for pic quality


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