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I bought this very adapter (carlinkit) for my Elantra, and it works beautifully. Pretty much plug-and-play. The first time it does require a few Bluetooth pairing steps and then a firmware update. After that initial setup, it now automatically connects without me doing a thing. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the phone and set up a wifi connection and then uses this wifi to communicate with the phone to operate CarPlay.

I've had it about a week, and it has been flawless. I leave the iPhone in my pocket, and CarPlay is available for use pretty much as soon as the infotainment system boots up (sometimes taking a few extra seconds to connect to the phone). In fact, it's been more reliable than the wired connection which sometimes required me to unplug and replug the phone to get it to work after returning to the car.

It is super convenient! Whether this convenience is worth $99 to you is a personal decision.
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