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My Car:
2004 Hyundai Elantra GLS Automatic Transmission

My Symptoms:
Was driving at a constant rate of speed of 60 mph and the mil light came on, and the car powertrain entered "Limp Mode".

I had the codes run and got a Underdrive Solenoid Open/Shorted.

I referenced the Hyundai Service Website and found what I needed to order the right part. I also referenced the 09-AT-018 Transaxel Hyundai TSB for my problem for the correct coil part number.

Where I am now:
I have replaced the solenoid, cleaned the cover and am at the point of re-installing the cover.

While re-installing the cover, i recalled a small silver-looking pin that came out with the cover and was just standing, attached to the cover. The following image shows the hole that the pin came out of when the cover was originally removed.
12-20-2011 9-01-13.jpg
The Pin only goes into the hole about half-way and i have tried all kinds of combinations of gear selections to get the pin to seat properly in the hole.
I cannot re-install the cover unless the pin issue is resolved.
I called two separate Hyundai service centers and spoke to technicians. They were friendly, but neither had any information, nor experience regarding what to do with the Pin.

The pin is about an inch long and the Hyundai Service website contained no pictures nor data for me, as to how to deal with the pin.

Any help now is appreciated!
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