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need a set of rod bearings

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anyone know were to get GOOD quality rod bearings? u might have seen my post were i just hit 100K last friday, well, this mornig on my way into work i had a rod bearing fail on me. i didnt throw the rod. funny thing is im using mobil 1 full synthetic and i only have 4800 miles on the oil! anyway! i dont really want to go oem as i just got a price of 98 bucks a set here locally, so if anyone knows a good quality set of rod bearings, let me know. QUALITY is NUMBER 1!
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I apologize for the OT, but what Filter you been using?
oem. i used to work for gurley leep hyundai in mishawaka, so i know all about the filter issue.
IPP has Togas HP bearings. Fourgreen has Oem bearings.

Advise; before purchasing a set of bearings you will need to remove the crancksahft and make sure that just a standard bearing replacemnt will do the fix. I bet that if you use a micrometer you'll find some wear and you'll need to rectify it. Just my 2 cents.

Also for the future here is how a maintain mine and the results:

Mine, 134k miles on the clock, never opened, severely abused when N/A, 2?k miles turboed with a ****ed up A/F mix and not even a click.


Slick 50 HP syntetic- every 25k miles
Syntetic oil 10w-30/5w-30 with pure one oil filter-every 3 months or 3k miles
Techron-every 5 kmiles on a full tank
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ya, im starting to believe that this was satatoged. i left it in my shop over the weekend while i borrowed a 2009 scion xb. thier is one guy im thinking put something in the oil. rod bearings just dont spin for no reason! im ASE certifeid, i work for an automotive dealer. i change my oil every 5000 miles with mobil 1 full synthentic,been doing this since i bought the car at 70K, 2 and half years ago. i dont see how mobil one would let me down!

and ya, i just got done tearing it apart, and its gonna have to be torn down. the crank and a couple rods need to be sent to a machine shop and get worked on.
That certainly is weird. I have 134k on my car and use Mobil1 with 3k OCIs. Haven't really had any major problems. Just minor ones that were pretty much all caused by me. hah!
Did you keep the oil you could get it tested. BOB
oh definatly! i kept some oil, i planned on having the oil teseted!
I've got about 132K and have been using Mobile 1 since 40K. Sometimes I'll use Castrol Syntec, but mostly M1. Never had an issue and I beat my car a bit!
According to Poopsicle Castrol Syntec isn't Synthetic oil. I have heard once you go Synthetic you cant go back. Though isnt that what you did. BOB
Once you go synthetic, you don't go back. And thats for engine oil and tranny fluid.
Tranny fluid is synthetic OEM...

I've switched vehicles back and forht.
If you need a crank and rods I have a set $125.00 +shipping. they have 17k on them and it will not need machining. Here are some pics W/bearings to see there is no wear.
What about the oil you get it tested yet. If so cant you watch the security tapes and see if there was anyone around your car.
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