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2006 Hyundia Elantra XD 2.0 Sedan
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I'm thinking of replacing my tyres with brand new ones the ones i have on are terrible, but im not sure which brand is good or which ones you should stay way clear of?

I'm also planning to replace the rims at the same time when the new tryes are being done, Currently have chrome on it but i honestly cant stand chrome on wheels as mine is starting to peel off and they are awful to change when you have a flat tyre no joke though.

Any Advice or tips be helpful, Im in australia
My Car currently has 15inch on her, but i am unsure whether to upgrade up to 16 or 17 Honestly not sure


There is some rims i like down below but as i said im very unsure

170943253_306390351121618_1905667793147245118_n.jpg 170209505_469910374063599_4753030189707124835_n.jpg 169069617_185323009927953_8387775745501224539_n.jpg 169157588_2832924720307867_7604701785791069454_n.jpg
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