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Okay I have a 2005 elantra and I have been getting these two codes:

Fuel trim (bank 1)


O2 sensor negative current control/open
Bank 1 sensor 1

I'm just wondering if anyone else had gotten and fixed this problem.

Is it really as easy as replacing the oxygen sensor? From the code I'm assuming it's the sensor before the catalytic converter correct?

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P0170 is an incorrect fuel ratio code. Can mean the MAF is dirty, malfunctioning, vacuum leak, O2 sensor. It comes on when it is running too rich.
P2251 is the primary (first O2 sensor) sensor malfunction. It comes on when the sensor has an open short or has a poor electrical connection. This means the sensor signal is not getting to the PCM correctly.

Both may be related, but you have to verify the sensor is working by checking the live data and sensor voltages at different temperatures. Replacing the sensor may work, BUT there can be an electrical problem between the sensor and ECU. It can also be the ECU itself too. Most likely it is the sensor.
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