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If you are new to Elantra forums, Hyundai forums, Car forums, or forums in general, here are some tips that will help you fit in perfectly. Follow these easy steps and everyone will be happy.

1. Need to post a picture in a post or your signature? Check out this thread.

2. Can't understand various abbrevations? Check out this thread.

3. Need to get in contact with other members on this site? Send them a Private Message (also known as a PM). To send a private message to someone, click on there screen name in any post, then click the "send this member a private message" link at the bottom of their profile. To check your PM's, click the "Private Messages" link at the top right of every page on this site (note- you must be logged in).

4. Need help taking your car apart? Visit Hyundai Webtech. Take a look at this guide to the WebTech system (provided by our friends at DFWHyundais).

5. Need OEM Hyundai parts? Check this thread. Or used OEM Hyundai Parts? Try

6. Need links to Aftermarket Part Suppliers for your Elantra?

Compact Divisions (
Shark Racing (
Old Hyundai Performance Store / Alamo Motorsports (
Team-SR/Evo Fusion (
kSpec (
Performance Styling Centre (
HDK ( - DO NOT BUY FROM THEM (Search for complaints).
DreamAK4U (
Mussa (
HyundaiSpeed (

7. Need Do It Yourself Guides regarding your Elantra? Check this out.

8. Want more links to good stuff? Click here.

If anyone would like to contribute something to this list (anything that you think might help new people learn what's going on), send me a Private Message (PM) and I'll see what I can do.

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Not open for further replies.