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Exterior Modifications:
-Street glow undercar neon kit
-Macneil weatherflectors, painted body color
-Llumar platinum window tint
-Hyper white bulbs

Engine Modifications:
-Powerchip reprogrammed engine management chip
-KORE cat back exhaust
-Boers underdrive pully
-Bosch plugs
-Custom ground wires
-Magenecor 8.5mm plug wires
-Royal purple synthetic motor oil

Drivetrain Modifications:
-TWM short throw shifter
-Fidanza flywheel
-Clutchmasters clutch
-BG synchroshift tranny fluid
-"Clutch slave" mod

Audio/Video/Security Modifications:
-Bel vector 985 radar
-Compustar starter/alarm
-Optima yellow top battery
-Alumapro capacitor
-Alpine head unit
-Alpine MRD-M1005
-Infinity Reference fronts 6.5"
-Boston Pro rear 5.25"
-1 Kicker Solobaric L5

Wheels/Tires/Brake Modifications:
-Konig traffic wheels
-Gorilla lug nuts
-Falken Azenis rubber
-KVR brake pads

Suspension Modifications:
-APEX lowering springs
-Tiburon 19.2mm rear antisway bar
-RRM sway bar

Coming Next...
-Eclipse head unit
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