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This is my first time posting I am a new member that is currently having electrical problems in my '02 elantra gt. I recently purchased the car and have been crossing off small problems that came with it, but find myself stuck with this problem. The courtesy lights, cd player, clock, door locks, fuel and temp gauges, and cigarette lighters all have no power. I replaced the ETAC with a one from a junkyard as well as the black relay? box that is found next to the etac. This did not solve my problem. I then replaced the accessory power relay found under the hood at the fuse box. I have just begun checking wires with my tester but havn't gotten very far. All fuses under the hood and dash are in working order I have checked every one. I have a strong feeling that the car may have been jumped backwards. Any Ideas on where to go next? I keep reading about a fuseable link that I have not found yet
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