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If ever any of you guys wanna come out and race this year, your are welcome to stay at my place as needed..... maybe we can form a get-together, and have a big group. I know it is out of the question to have a Hyundai only event due to the cost....

We have been givin access to the Toledo Airport for many of our events this year. This is quite possibly the best surface in the Central Division. As well, we will be hosting a National Event, and a ProSolo. The ProSolo is a 2 day event run drag race style, with 2 courses indentically mirrored. It should be a blast.
3 of these races are gonna be more expensive;ProSolo, National tour, and Cendiv. While the cost is up to 70 bucks, they will be much bigger events, be 2 days of racing, and offer a lot of experience.

April 25 -- Northtowne -- COMPLETED
May 15-16 -- Northtowne (15th-school, 16th-event)
June 12-13 -- ProSolo (hosting at Toledo Express Airport)
June 19-20 -- National Tour (hosting at Toledo Express Airport)
July 11 -- Fostoria
July 25 -- NWOR vs. Detroit (Toledo Express Airport)
August 8 -- UT
August 22 -- NWOR/FWR/ASCC Challenge (Toledo Express Airport)
September 5 -- CenDiv (hosting at Toledo Express Airport)
September 26 -- UT
October 3 -- Northtowne
October 17 -- Fostoria

All of these locations are within 30mins of me.... so let me know if you want to head this way, and we'll work on the details...
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