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NuFinish - Scratch Doctor

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Does this stuff work?

I have three problems on my car that need help. Really I just want to get rid of the other paint that is on the car (greenish blue, red, and different white in the third picture). I might have to remove my pinstripes since when the red mark happened it took part of the pinstripe off too. I know most of you hate the pinstripes anyway, but I've always liked them.

Anyway, anyone use this NuFinish before? If not, other suggestions?

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I've never even seen a claybar yet alone used one.

Whatever I use I don't want to have to wax the car or anything, I don't have that type of patience.

I wish I had ran into something to get these marks, at least then it would have been worth it.

So, not waxing the car doesn't bother you, but 3 little smudges do?
Hahah. You can see the paint smudges from about 50 feet away. You can't tell I've never waxed it from 50 feet away.

So I just go to the store and say "I need a clay bar" and they will give me something good. You guys don't understand, I'm a total noob when it comes to cleaning a car. Dave, impart some of your wisdom on me.

I went to Advance Auto today and they didn't have claybars for sale, only with the $15-20 kits. Should I try Walmart?

I'll try Autozone thanks. I have to go about 10 minutes to get to the closest ones.

1 - 7 of 30 Posts
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