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NuFinish - Scratch Doctor

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Does this stuff work?

I have three problems on my car that need help. Really I just want to get rid of the other paint that is on the car (greenish blue, red, and different white in the third picture). I might have to remove my pinstripes since when the red mark happened it took part of the pinstripe off too. I know most of you hate the pinstripes anyway, but I've always liked them.

Anyway, anyone use this NuFinish before? If not, other suggestions?

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whats the difference between the 3-4 types?
they go by abrasiveness, or how hard the compound is. always go with the finer one to start with.

At least your car is white. You can neglect it and get away with it.

The claybar should get rid of the first two. The last one looks like a deeper scratch and will need a paint touch up.

After you clay THE WHOLE CAR, wax it with a sealant-type wax. I recommend Meguiar's NXT Gen wax.

we had a customer request i use the scratch X, then the NXT stuff (the newer stuff) on his black 2000 mile bently cgt. blah!!!! product sucked ballz. this is comparing it to the stuff we normally use. but its damn good for a store bought product.
I've used this NuFinish Scratch Doctor before and I didnt get any results with my car scratches :confused: so now I just close my eyes and go to my happy place when I walk by the part of my car with scratches on :eek:
I went to Advance Auto today and they didn't have claybars for sale, only with the $15-20 kits. Should I try Walmart?

well walmart only has the Mothers and Megquiars clay bars and they are like $15 too, try Autozone if they have those in your area Super, Claymagic is the brand i use mothers claybars and kinda doughy and i find the claymagic bar works better.
I'll try Autozone thanks. I have to go about 10 minutes to get to the closest ones.

Claybar comes in a kit with the lubricant and the bar and usually a rag.

But a claybar wont remove paint. it takes off dirt/grim embedded in the clear, its what takes the paint from feeling mildly rough to smooth. It has no polishing ability.

You need a polishing compount, its like a paste with light abrasives in it that will basically sand down the finish. Ive had success removing paint marks like that before with a light touch and a razor blade, then polishing it out with compound and then waxing it. You just have to be careful not to gouge the paint. The paint on the elantras is rock hard and hard to remove scratches.
Tommy;423707paint said:
. The paint on the elantras is rock hard and hard to remove scratches.

Where did you get your Elantra??? Mine was like chip scratch chip every time I drove it I never had a problem buffing that **** out.......... Before I began painting it...................
Um, yea it chips easy cause its thin paint.

If youve ever tried to polish out swirl marks on an elantra, then youll know its a pain in the ***, but most modern paints are a pain to polish swirl marks.
Sorry to go off topic here. Since the master detailer is answering questions though, what's the best thing to use to clean our headliners? Mine is disgusting.
Dude, wtf are you doing to make your headliner dirty? I know you're not tall enough for your greasy *** polish hair to be on it (wait, confusing you with Pete here).

dont waste your money on that detailer spray crap. buy the clay bar, wash the car really good. rinse off. and use FRESH soapy water with the clay bar on the scuffs. no need to spend the extra 5.00 or so on the detailer spray. soapy water will work just as good and save you some coin.

just walk into any auto parts store, and go to the detailing isle. look for a package that says clay bar. grab the mild one, there are 3-4 different types. from light to heavy.
The only reason why I said the detailer, is from what I've seen, a lot of them come in the box together. The thing about the detailer though, is if you're working when it's hot out, you don't stand the risk of a few runaway suds drying on the paint. That is all.
I have a huge white chip on my passenger door that pops out at me every time I see it. I was thinking of getting a Paint pen form the dealer. Anyone use these.
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