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Ohio meet idea...

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I know I am new and have never participated in a meet or anything of the sort. I will start attending them now that I feel I have become a part of this community. I wanted to throw out a possible idea for an Ohio meet. (If you Mods decide this is not the section of the forum it belongs then feel free to move it) There is a local 2 mile road course in North East Ohio near where I live called Nelson Ledges. They offer "Fun Days" for amateurs or anyone else who wants some track time. It is extremely cheap at $120 for the entire day and the only thing you need is a DOT approved helmet. Spectators can park right with the cars that will be on track so we can all be together, and it states that spectators are $5 but the one time I went they just let me and my friend in for free. I believe this would be a great opportunity for a meet and I hope everyone else likes the idea. I know I will probably go to every "Fun Day" this summer that I can afford. In the area is also a park called Nelson Ledges quarry where we could have a non-race segment of the meet. Thank you for the consideration and tell me your thoughts.
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WTF! I never knew you lived near nelson ledges. That is like 50 minutes from cleveland i know its past streetsboro
you really can't get everybody on the course at s3 and its expensive, i've been there twice with newtiburon members.
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