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Ohio meet idea...

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I know I am new and have never participated in a meet or anything of the sort. I will start attending them now that I feel I have become a part of this community. I wanted to throw out a possible idea for an Ohio meet. (If you Mods decide this is not the section of the forum it belongs then feel free to move it) There is a local 2 mile road course in North East Ohio near where I live called Nelson Ledges. They offer "Fun Days" for amateurs or anyone else who wants some track time. It is extremely cheap at $120 for the entire day and the only thing you need is a DOT approved helmet. Spectators can park right with the cars that will be on track so we can all be together, and it states that spectators are $5 but the one time I went they just let me and my friend in for free. I believe this would be a great opportunity for a meet and I hope everyone else likes the idea. I know I will probably go to every "Fun Day" this summer that I can afford. In the area is also a park called Nelson Ledges quarry where we could have a non-race segment of the meet. Thank you for the consideration and tell me your thoughts.
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can u give a zipcode? so i can check map quest :D
hmm.... 8:30 hours according to map quest... probably more including traffic and stops... its alot less than the hyunda manu. plant meet. depending on how much response this gets, ill put it in my maybe box :D
hm... maybe by the time this meet happens.. or any meet for that fact, that has a race track for us to use... ill have way more performance mods in my car... and possibly do the trans swap! :D!!!!!
why cant they have a fun rent day... comon... nothing better than elantras and tibs havin fun...
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