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Opinions on brand

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I've just got some questions of brand preference of two cold air intakes that I've found.

Was reading through the forums and found that for our car we can use the '94-'97 Accord intake, so that's what I searched for on eBay. I've heard good things about AEM, however the price tag is a bit steep. What I'm curious about is does the AEM offer anything that the listed CAI does not, and would it be more bang for the buck?

Comments are appreciated!!

Here's the listed CAI's:
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the big differance is being able to say i have an aem, i used a cheap honda one a few cuts later and bam cai or short air intake. i would rather put the extra money saved in to another project.
Yeah the honda one needs to be cut up to work, and for the money, its worth it to just buy one thats designed for the car. I still have the piping from an accord intake that i bought and havent been able to get rid of.
The cheap ebay special is fine. Piping is piping, you can use the extra money saved and buy a better filter and still have money in your pocket.
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