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Opz Xd

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Opz Xd (UPDATED: 1-09-06)

Well, here's my baby. Mods are...

Custom, self made windshield vinyl (thanks to super for sending me the logo)
Streetglow underbody kit (purple)
Hood LED's (purple)
Accord CAI
Magnaflow muffler #14801
35% tint all around
Clear side markers
De-badged trunk
Pioneer DEH Headunit
Rockford Fosgate Punch 3001 Amp
Two 12" Kicker Comp VR subwoofers
Mussa Racing Strutbar
Stebel Compact Compressed Air horn, rated 139db
(waiting for: center dash peice so i can paint it, stupid post office...)

Pictures left as links to ease on thread width.

Car "stats":
hp: ~140-145
tq: ~140-145
MPG: 30 city / 33 highway @ and between 60-80 mph
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Nice ride, I say go for the bronze rims, but MAKE SURE you lower that thing first!!!

Nice car! I like the spoiler. I think gunmetal wheels would look better with your silver car.

The neon is ... ummm ... interesting.
New pics, with the windshield vinyl. And the story with the neons is that neons are illegal here, and almost everyone and thier brother gets blue neons anyways. So I figured why not be different, and purple worked with the car, so I got them on the prayer that they were dark purple. Lucky me, they were, and hey, the chicks dig them! ;)
Nice Decal, but isn't the <<E>> supposed to be more detached?

Ya, thats one of the two mistakes made. The "E" is to close, and the one corner on the N is not inline.

And ilan, I have NO idea on the spoiler, they put it on at the dealership when we got the car, and said it was an option for the car.
I still have a couple windshield banners available, not silver, but black and blue if you are interested.

Heres some night shots with the neons on:

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nice neons we are gona hve to put our neon cars together next saturday after dark ;)
Nice Lantra, I like the spoiler. Your right, gunmetal rims would look great w/the car color.
Just updated, whooooo!
Man if I got neons in that color I would get pulled over in my town in a heartbeat.. Its funny cuz the cops around here dont car about loud systems and loud exhaust or dark tints but those lights they bug over.
Yea, but I dont drive with them on unless on the backroads. Just to be safe.
yay for PA bein ***** about neons -and OCCASIONALLY about subs. you can get pulled over if your over like 90 some db and its after 10 on weekdays or after midnight on fri-sat or something weird like that

id love to be able to cruise with my neons on though -hit up my vb garage link in my sig to see em
*nevermind i just realized its blank haha -looks like ill have to remake it.. i duno if i even have all those pics still!
*edit 2, i re-created it, its not what it was, but at least i have some pics back
Actually this is old, this all applies to the auto. I've since sold it and bought a matching twin, a silver 2k2 5-speed.

I did take mayb'e i'll make a garage and new post for it, hahaha.
o i c, its uber old lol
i just linked to it from yer sig and didnt check the dates
Haha, well I just posted up the new one.
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