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Opz's (newer-ish) XD

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Well, I FINALLY got around to this, haha. As most know, about 6 months ago I sold my old silver, auto, XD sedan, for a newer (by a year) 5-speed, silver, XD sedan.

Whats ironic, is that both, the auto and 5-speed had the same spoiler. They are the ONLY two XD's I have seen with this spoiler, and I owned them both at one point, haha.

But yea, so here's the new ride!

Mod list:

RSS Kama 17" rims - going on as soon as the damn snow goes away
ARC Racing Short Shifter
Carbon Fiber dash stick on kit
Custom, self made windshield vinyl (thanks to super for sending me the logo) -coming soon
Streetglow underbody kit (purple) - coming soon
Accord CAI
Currently some crap muffler thats only good in high RPMS, soon to be replaced with either dual exhaust or full magnaflow custom catback
35% tint all around - soon
Clear side markers
De-badged trunk
Pioneer DEH Headunit
Pioneer 3-ways all around
Rockford Fosgate Punch 3001 Amp
Two 12" Kicker Comp VR subwoofers
Mussa Racing Strutbar
Stebel Compact Compressed Air horn, rated 139db
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Buy it with the broken rear-deck, or break it yourself? Either way, you need some speaker grates on there.
I bought it that way. Im stealing the grates off of the auto I sold to my friend when the weather gets nice.
Looks nice and clean but yeah, deff. need to cover those speakers. Does the rear deck vibrate from the subs w/ those grates gone? That's the only problem w/ mine. the passanger side speaker grate rattles at high volume.
Meh, I just crank it louder untill the trunk rattles more then the rear deck.

Honestly, its the 3rd tail light that im having the most problem squeeks from rubbing against the window.
i see you got some kicker comp vr 12"s are you happy with them i have just one 10" and i really don't like it i just got a new head unit and the kicker and it sounds like shizzle my old system was a jvc head unit and a lightning audio 10' sub i got at wal-mart for 12 dollars of course i had to make my own box but it pounded the ground down this kicker doesnt half as good as the other one maybe it needs to be broken in or something

your opinion is appreciated
I love my comp VR's.

Got them both, in that box, for $150.

They used to be pretty low, but sound good, untill I ran some monster wire between the amp and them. HOLY ****! They get loud, hit, and are CLEAN.
Gun5's old rims. They haven't been on the 5-speed, but heres the old pics.

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Looks nice.
That was the auto. Hahahahaha, im trying to get some plain gold rota slipstreams for the 5-speed.

But halo might change that...
Hey if you ever get gold rims you got to show them here. That's what I'm gonna put on mine though they need to have a big'o lip...deepdish i guess.
I plan on it. I want these rota's sooooo bad...
copying my CF dash kit, lol j/k Once you ride with the dash kit, all others just look so plain and base model.

you gotta post some more pics up when you get all the mods on.
Oh man, all of those pics are so old. If I can get a hold of one of my photo friends I'll get some new snazzy pics!
Ok, new pics, with the 18's from the 240 on it (for now)...

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looks pretty good with those wheels on.

You need to peel the rest of the window tape off!
Yea, waiting for another hot day to do that. And I don't mind the look of the wheels, but they need to go. That will hopefully change this weekend.
i think u need some air in those.. lol :D but it looks pretty good
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