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paki's 02 ridizzle

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paki's 02 gls

02 Elantra GLS

Major Events Concerning the Elantra:
January 22nd-23rd, 2005: Purchased.
January 24th, 2005: Received. 43,200 Miles
February 8th, 2005: Hit and Run. -- Repaired within 2-3 weeks ($2500 damage)
April 22nd, 2005: Joined ElantraXD.
August 23rd, 2005: New Shoes.
October 18th, 2005: T-boned. -- Repaired within a week's time ($2000 damage)
December 2nd, 2005: 53,500 miles.

**5/22 4:02PM CST -- CURRENT MODS**
note: I've removed all audio enhancement information from this thread.

Modification List:

Blue LED Window Switches
Blue Clock Mod
KDM Card Holder
KDM Chrome Inside Door Handles
03 Tiburon Pedals + Dead Pedal
Fuzzy Dice (my sister gave them to me :)) Reverse Glow Gauges

Force BT-3 17x7 wrapped in 215-45-17 Kumho Ecsta 711's
18% Tint All Around
KDM Clear Sidemarkers
OEM High Spoiler
Uneek 8000k HID Kit (Bluish/White light)

eBay 94-97 Accord CAI 2.75"
Ground Wires

19.2mm Tiburon GT V6 Sway Bar

Top 5 pics are new!

**7/09 12:53AM CST -- HIT AND RUN PICS**
I decided to add these pictures of my hit and run. I don't think anyone on this site has seen them, so might as well make a permanent home for them.

This happened on 2/08/05, at noon CST.

**10/18 10:21PM CST -- T-BONE PICS**

So I got t-boned today. Yeah. At my sister's school, in the parking lot. I don't have many pics right now as I had to get an estimate and by the time I got back it was dark. This gives you an idea of what the damage is though.

I was hit by a 2000 Ford Truck with a 16 year old girl driving it.. she could barely see over the dashboard.

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The last picture I could have sworn was a ladder against the roof until I read the caption - I was like wtf?

Car is looking good.
lol.. when i pulled these pics off my digital camera.. i was like "WTF WHERE'D THAT LADDER COME FROM!?" as well.. :( damn flash. without it you couldnt have seen the two blades :mad:
WATCH OUT, those twin blades have been known to screw up hyundai/other car wiper motors because of the excessive drag that's double of what it's used to haul.

I'm warning you so I can say "told ya" when it happens :)

Good luck on the car, looking nice.

ah great.. well whenever the blades wear out i'll replace it back with a single blade
just curious are the headlights tinted cause i wanted to do that or is just cause its in the shade
That's some horrible damage!
How much was the fixage?
Looks to be about a $450 US job. Did you claim it on insurance?

Edit: Thanks, missed looking at the dates...
Looks like its already been fixed from the current pics.
snorky - the headlights aren't tinted.. not that i know of at least. its just cuz its in the shade. next time i take pics i will do it in a not-so-shady place

seinster - i wish it was $450.. it was about $3000 worth of damage (on the estimate.. wtf, right?) because they had to replace that quarter panel and repaint it blah blah blah.. total cost was like $2400 when finished. i didnt have my elantra for like 3 weeks. i claimed it on insurance, spent $1000 and got it back. i hate my insurance company, but i hate the other guy more. my insurance company: all-state, his: progressive. he claims that he ran because he thought i was gonna kick his ass.. so stupid. we're still fighting to this day about who's fault it was.
updated the modification list. once my rims come in and I have everything settled down, I'll take more pics. Expect pictures by 8/27

all new modifications have the word "NEW!" by them lol
uploaded a new picture.. of the force bt-3 rims installed on my car. like the other post says, i'll get more/better pics by 8/27
OMG, rims are F^&*((## HOT!!!!! If i would ever get a rim it would be something like that, you're making me jealous there bro :)


now drop :D

I'll have my springtechs for sale next week!! ;)

i heard springtechs make it go way low.. causing rubbing and stuff w/ 215/45. i think i'm already rubbing in the back at times, im not sure yet. and i cant buy any springs or anything just yet.. college expenses :(. i would though!

and thanks for likin my rims :)
wow, I can't stop looking at those shoes... more pics!!! (if you ever wake up one morning and your wheels are missing, just know they'll be in Canada... somewhere... :) )

bah, ST's arent THAT low, just gotta be carefull on the really steep driveways.

as requested, new pics have been uploaded :) enjoy!

i know my engine bay is dirty.. and so is the rest of my car.. ill clean it soooon.. before college starts definitely :)

oh and ilanpro.. thanks for recommending these :)
love your car man, that damage reminds me of what my car looks like, only took a few pics but ill post em if you wanna see
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