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photo shoot. vabeach, 04gtboyVA, VaHyundai

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Here you all go. let us know what you think.

WOW. i didn't think i had that many. hope this works
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silver is mines . blue is 04gtboyVA. gray is VaHyundai.
I love this pic. kinda reminds me of a car. but which one.


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Wil said:
Vabeach_03... here's a question for you... what's up with the Wisconsin plates and VanHorn frame? That's more my corner of the world than yours, isn't it???

:confused: Wil

i'm from wisconsin. i bought the car at van horn hyundai in sheboygan where my parents live. i live in VA because of the military. i'll be comming back to your part of the world for new years and moving back for good next june
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