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photo shoot. vabeach, 04gtboyVA, VaHyundai

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Here you all go. let us know what you think.

WOW. i didn't think i had that many. hope this works
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they're evo fusion badges. i like my wing so its not going anywhere. hehe.
wings too big, looks like a shopping cart, blah blah blah. its there to keep my car on the ground when i hit record breaking speeds of 80mph!! hehe i took that one wiper mod off. it was annoying the f*&^ out of me. ilanpro i like ur sig pic of the cartoonish elantra.
they're motegi FF7.
when i visited my younger cousins (4&6 years old) they kept asking me if they can sit on my wing. so i understand vabeach03's comparison. of course i had to explain to my cousins that my car can go as fast as a jet and i need the wing to keep it on the ground. ;)
1 - 3 of 39 Posts