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photo shoot. vabeach, 04gtboyVA, VaHyundai

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Here you all go. let us know what you think.

WOW. i didn't think i had that many. hope this works
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damn hot, ok my turn

there now there bigger.
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hehe, ya the blue car rules :) hey va hyundai i have a pic of just your car like i do of va beach if you want em ill post em when i get home.

so guys, you think the silver one looks good with my stock gt rims ? im luvin the rims

i cant make them bigger for some reason :(
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:) cool, its a pretty sutle drop nice gun metal color springs to :)
lol, you should see the new mod he only has one wiper now :p
i figured it would be
ok nevermind about this post the picture wont show up
thanks man its gettin better
well he just likse bein different that isnt a crime
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