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Possible 1 day meet Northeast ohio

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June 6th meet Canton ohio

If there is enough interest i can plan one around my area. I was thinking some time in may. It would Canton area but thats kinda central for people in columbus and cleveland youngstown ect. We could do lunch then a cruise or something and then dinner and depart unless people would wanna get hotels.
Whos game?
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^^very nice i'll put it on the calendar
I'm there...
i ll swing out but with out the elantra because its gone :)
you sell it?
yea no more payments now i can buy something a lil bit older :)
ok its for sure then now i need to know who all is staying the night? i have room for people at my place so we can all drink and not have to drive:)
i'd love to try to make it but i'm hittin the columbus one and the CT one june 13th.. plus HIN is June 6th in Scranton,Pa... Sorry..
so should we do this im gonna start a list who is down for sure?
i'm gonna say i cant make it bro got laid off today at work.
well considering this was supposed to be next weekend and i dont have any 100% commited people we will reschedule this to a later date. (not around another meet).
no big deal
I quit my I might be able to attend hopefully!
This still a go? Its my birthday Jun 6, not sure whats going on for me wife has planned something but would love to make a meet.

I live out near Sharon, PA.
^^^ You should come with the rest of us to CT... Join the convoy... Ilive the Burgh and I'm makin the haul... Wadda ya say????
41 - 55 of 55 Posts
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