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problem with front lights

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I'm having a problem with my front lights, its the amber lights that are also used as blinkers/hazards.
if I'm not mistaken these used to run any time the light switch was turned on and then they would flash when the blinker was activated, is this correct?
now they don't come on, but activating the blinkers works fine, i checked the bulbs and they only have one filament and they work as blinkers.
is this a problem that could be caused by the blinker relay but it would still blink?
where is the blinker relay located?
also what else should i check?

My Car 2005 elantra 4dr 5speed

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Parking lights and flashing is two separate circuits. Meaning one can work and not the other. Flasher relay doesn't operate the parking lights.

It sounds like someone installed the wrong bulbs in them, or the second filament burnt out and fell off. It should have 2 filaments. Should take 1157A.

Does your rail tail lights and side marker lights come on with the lights?

but the bulbs haven't been changed. and i did inspect them and the connections well enough to tell that it is only single filament bulbs and sockets with only a hot and ground wire to it.
my tail lights and side marker lights do work normal.

so this leaves me thinking maybe the flasher has gone bad, and i need to check, but there are allot of relays under there and i don't want to just start pulling them without knowing what one it is for sure.
OK that clears things up for me, somewhat, so the light i used to see coming from the front of my car when i pulled up to the garage door with the running lights on was the small bulbs in the low beams, that makes sense. but now those bulbs are so dim they hardly light up anything even when its held right up to the front of the headlight cover.
are these supposed to be running on 12V or are they half voltage or something, I'm going to go out and check it with a meter right now, they are also silver colored, would that be the bulbs burning out and coating the glass making them dimmer?
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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