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Push style clutch conversion.

The reason for doing this DIY is because the XD I, II clutches are pull style. Converting to a Push clutch allows more pressure. It's on the same theory as pushing a car, you would push it because you can apply more force.

Before I start I’ll state. I will not be held responsible if you order the wrong part, fail to install properly and if you bend brake or snap your clutch master cylinder. This is on a beta1 – XD1. Need to confirm beta 2 – XD2
Highly recommend researching how to replace the clutch and what tools are involved before starting this, not ideal for non-mechanical people. My parts aren’t here yet so I’ve used images from the internet.
Parts list:

Reason I'm doing this is because the same kit for the pull type is rated to 305ft push type is rated at 405ft

Arm – 41433-28000
Bearing clutch release – 41421-28030
Bushings – 41414-28001, 41413-28001
Clutch fork – 41413-28002
Clutch kit – MB3-XTG4 *check fitment if you wish to purchase your own kit
Sleeve release bearing – 41426-28500
White lithium grease – WL-9 or something similar

The usual hoo-ha, workshop tools

Step one:
Unbolt the slave cylinder and rotate it as shown in the picture. Your gearbox should have three bolts in the shape of a triangle. If you haven’t removed the restricting spring now is the time to do so.
Step two:
Remove the clutch release arm, you have the option to flip it upside down or purchase the one with the part number.

Step three:
Remove the gearbox, install the clutch to the flywheel following the clutch DIY everything should bolt up. I’m using the Fidanza flywheel
Step four:
Remove the top bushing holding in the clutch fork then you’ll be able to remove the pull type fork. Now you can also remove the lower bushing. Install the new bushing, apply the grease, and insert the push style fork then apply grease to the top bushing and push back on.
da3e774s-960.jpg f43e774s-960.jpg
Step five:
Swap the sleeve release bearing if yours doesn’t fit the throw-out bearing. Now is the time to test to see how the fork operates. Finish installing the clutch and double check everything fits and is functioning correctly.
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