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race at track

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3rd time at the track but I must say I have the worst luck. the first 2 times I went to the track it rain and I did not had a chance to run because they close the track. last nigth I went again and it was full of car I spend 3 hr and only got 1 bad run then it happen again started raining and they close down the track. I know not all xd are the same that's why I wanted to run a couple of runs to see what's the best rpm to come of the line,the best shift point,ect. well it all came down to this.
r/t... 1.074
60'... 3.014
I came of the line at 3000 rpm and all I did was spin the wheels in 1st and 2nd gear I let of the gas and punch it again and stated graving by then it was to late the gti was in front by 1 1/2 car and I did not catch him. he ran [email protected] and his r/t was worst then mine.
the funny thing is that when they close the track on my way home I see the car and we hit down the road and I was side by side with him until 3rd gear and slowly he pull away. so concidering that my clutch is slipping and it was my 1st time at the track I know that thing at the street are deferent but next time i'll do better.
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yeah.... definitely need to improove your RT and get some traction!!!
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