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Read These Rules Before Posting Here!

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Read These Rules Before Posting Here! UPDATED 9/12/04

Rules for Marketplace forum:
1. Use appropriate headings. Start with FS or WTB. FS=for sale. WTB=want to buy.
2. Post as much info as possible (condition, color, how long was used, etc). Posting a picture is HIGHLY reccomended. It will help your item sell faster. You do not have to use a pic of the exact item if you can find another picture somewhere on here or another site.
3. Post your location and if you are willing to ship.
4. Businesses are NOT allowed to sell here! This section is for private individuals who want to sell their used items.
5. As soon as the item is sold or bought, post in the thread to let others know that the item is not available any more. Please send a PM to a moderator so that they can update the header.
6. Do not post in marketplace threads unless you have something important to add, or unless you are answering a question for someone, or are genuinely interested in buying/selling a product.
7. You must list a selling price, this is NOT Ebay.
8. Please, do not post a link to a For Sale post on another forum.

If you violate these rules, your post will be removed and you will be issued a warning.
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