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1. Only people who did business with the seller can post their feedback.
2. Keep it clean and try to be as helpful as possible. Instead of saying that XYZ is a [email protected]#$ing scumbag, post in detail what went wrong (wrong product, shipping delay, etc).
3. Be fair. If the seller resolves the issue, come back and post an update stating that the seller fixed the problem and describing what exactly was done (replaced the product with new, issued refund, etc).
4. Only one thread per seller so run a search before starting a thread. If a thread about that seller already exists, make a post in existing thread. Do not start a new one.
5. Feedback can be left for both private sellers and official companies.
6. This section is not for negative feedback only. If you had a great experience with a certain seller, leave a positive feedback for them.
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