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Ready for the new year?

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Ready for the new year?

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Since I have no good question and I shouldn't be working on a holiday, we'll go with this easy one, I don't really even know what it means.

Ready for the new year?

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great quetion james.

im kidding. lol. but hey, ill let it slide since its xmas
Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good by 2005 kiss my azz.
Everyone that knows my knows why im so glad to see it go.
2006 will be my year for i am grabbing it by the balls and not letting go till i get what i want. List goes as follows.
1. Go to Philippines
2. Finsih new fire truck
3. Finish final few mods on xd.
4. Xmas 06 with my girl
I am, 2005 has sucked big time!! Hopefully 2006 is better.
Thanks to the loyal service of my XD, I will be starting my "flip house" project this year...wooohooo!!!
here's to hoping '06 starts out with a new (in my field and better paying) job!

hopefully I won't move twice this year....

not that '05 was bad, but there is plenty of room for improvement!
I'm working both the eve and the day. so yeah... fun times!
I wake up at 5am everyday and don't get off work until 3:30, meaning I don't get home until about 4:30-5pm depending on traffic. Airports are fun...
yes meaning no. wishing for a change....praying for one for the better.
Oh boy...I can only hope that 2006 will be a better year for me than 2005! I couldn't ask for more from the XD, she has run strong and hopefully stronger in 2006. Maybe this year though I can find a girl to chill with :( That's all that I ask, other than that turning 21 might change things a bit. Sorry for the rant, I've had a few drinks. Thanks everyone for all the help with the XD, truly appreciated!! Everyone here is awsome, I can't wait till a meet when I can meet some people in person!
Am I ready?

Hell no.
^^^ Couldn't have said it better myself.
i love how people make it seem like something big is coming w/ the new year. the only thing im not ready for is how incredibly hungover im going to be on 01/01/06. other than that, its just more days to get through. and i turn 21 in 06, so i can finally get rid of my goofy looking vertical drivers license and start going to the bars
^^^ actually, i'm headed to a bigger, more competitive school in 2006. i have to file my taxes for the first time also. and the hyundai in the hills... still trying to make it to that.
I hope the new year is goin to be better than this one.Im not saying that this year has been bad but,there is always room for improvement
2005 blew a load...I put the Evo3 kit back on again...after extensive fiberglass work...then destroyed it again...fuckin' a...then got 4 tickets 05...lost my best friend in a car accident...made a roadtrip to Wisconsin for back to Goldsboro to find out I have a warrant for my lawyer failing to apear in court...lost liscense for 2 them back...and then that next week...found out my boy was hookin' up with my more fun there...

06 is going to be a good resolution is to not speed all the time...and not lose my liscense again...

hope all goes well
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