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Rear strut bar install on a "04" Elantra 4 door

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My first project on an import, the insanity. This my install of a Mussa Racing rear strut bar.

Ain't she a beauty. Fold the rear seats down, start unbolting the hinges with a 3/8 dr ratchet and a 12mm socket. Then remove the seats to a safe place.

I chose not to remove the bottom seat, but its a bit easier to unbolt the side cushions with the bottom piece removed. Each side cushion needs one bolt removed on the bottom, then push it up to unhook it. You'll see the strut tower at this point.

Remove the two grey trim panels that are behind the seats. If you are not sure, use a door trim removal tool to remove the plastic push-in plugs. Otherwise, you will break them.

Now remove, with the tool carefully, the side trim panels on the sides of the back window, be careful. The wiring for the rear defroster is in that area.

The final piece is the rear deck panel, which covers the speakers and stuff. Remove two screws that hold two support brackets on the front. Pop out, disconnect, and remove the third brake light. At this poiint I choose not to remove the entire panel. But, just enough to install the bar.

And right:

Just reverse the process to re-assemble. Note: This what you got to do to get at the rear speakers as well, if you plan installing something.
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Awesome Job on the Install and DIY.

I have the same car (05 sedan) and the same product (MUSSA rear strut bar) only its still sitting on my floor and I don't have time at the moment to install. My biggest problem installing this will be the fact that I have a Huge sub box with an amp wired up to it (I really don't want to remove the wires since they are pain to match up) and I have another amp on my rear seatback. So I'll have to be careful and find a way to get around the box and not move my seat too far off to stretch the wiring for the amp on it.

Though my main question is:
Is it possible to remove the side cushions (Third Picture) and reach the single bolt holding them in without having to remove the rear seatbacks? This will make my install much easier if that is possible since only those side cushions and the rear deck (which I've taken off before for rear speakers) are in the way of the struts.

Heres a pic of my Trunk/Rear Seats to show you the obstacles I have:

BTW: Have you felt a significant difference in the car's handling?
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First, you can reach the bottom bolt, but you need an extension about 4-6 inches. Then you got to push down hard on the seat cushion to reach it. Or remove the bottom seat. You should be able to reach the two bolts behind.

I had a somewhat tire squeal when taking the turns hard, I don't notice it now. But, i just got my rear swaybar from PST. So, once I got that installed I'll let everyone know. I am going to order the Mussa front strut bar in the future. (Low funds due to Christmas shopping)

Sway bar info:
Performance Styling Centre in Austria
#PSC-SWA-XD1 $133.50 US for 04 Elantra 20mm dia. with poly bushings. It came out to $228.00 shipped Air freight. I got it in 5 days. They actually made this thing in-house. It was a bit of money, but I can't complain. Looks like a descent piece. I also ordered the 03 tibby Metal endlinks (Hyundai #55530-29500) to replace the cheesy plastic ones. Here's a pic of it:

They even included some grease paks. Thanks for the hats off. This site rocks.
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Thanks, I'll tell ya how it goes. Good luck with your other mods. I also have the MUSSA type b front and a tib 18mm sway bar.
this will make a bigger improvement on a hatch...the window and trunk pretty much hold everything together...but a nice improvement non the less!!
This upgrade, in my opinion would benefit the hatchback more. Being on the sedan, the deck where the speakers are, actually connects the two strut towers together. This is not so on the hatch. Nevertheless, it wasn't hard to install. I'am starting with the least expensive mods first.
My goal at the moment is to "tighten up" the suspension first. Then, I might tackle the biggest question next, rear disc....conversion.....Since I haven't seen or heard anyone else do it yet...
^^^ i am interested in the rear disc brake conversion too... limited on my funds right now though, and I have other car-related priorities.
can you post the link to that sway bar? you will notice a difference more in the front strut bar. i know because i have both... i put the front one on first and the steering immediately felt tighter. the rear one i didn't feel as much a difference
I live in Keansburg, NJ ( Monmouth County ).
This is the link to Performance Styling Centre in Australia.
bfgoedeke said:
Sway bar info:
Performance Styling Centre in Austria.
Well I just installed the same rear strut bar with my cousin on my 05 sedan. We did NOT need to take off the side cushions or the seats to complete the install and get the two brackets in place. Although it might of been slightly easier, all we had to do to get around was use longer extensions on the socket wrench to loosen and tighten the six nuts holding the brackets in place. So heres a quick overview of the steps we took:
1. Pull down the back seat and remove all the pop out plastic things in place.
2. Push the two black plastic trims inside the trunk to get them out of the way.
3. Remove the 2 upper side panels that are between the rear window and the rear door. (they also pop out)
4. Remove the rear deck and rear deck light.
5. Unscrew the two metal things and get them out of the way.
6. Then with extensions and very little room just unsocket and resocket the brackets on.
7. Make sure to not tighten the brackets before test fitting the bar. (i ran into this problem)
8. Once all tightened just reinstall the deck and panels.
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i just finished installing the dc sports front strut bar. i had also gotten a dc sports rear strut bar from but, after taking all the stuff outta the way in the back seat, found it didn't have a place to install. doh.

the mussa bar goes up and then over the problem area. the dc sports rear strut bar is straight - prolly great for the hatchback but a problem for the sedan. i took a couple pics - this first one is facing the back left seat. notice the solid metal between the top of the strut and where the bar should go(if it doesn't climb up first then over like the mussa)

here's another pic i took from inside of the trunk looking at the back side of that same area - again, the solid metal.

i'd post a pic of my front strut bar lookin all nice but everyone's seen those before.

i guess as a personal follow up, how many people with the sedan put some form of rear strut bar in? i'm kinda confused since a lot of posts seem to say that the sedan doesn't have much need for the rear bar, and after seeing all the solid metal connecting both ends of the rear it seems like my ride is pretty solid back there already(or does that not have an effect on the struts). k - noob out.
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The RRM rear strut bar isn't going to fit there either.
The Mussa strut bar that is specifically for the sedan will fit. The one you have is only for the hatchback, as you found out.

Just make sure you're ordering the Mussa sedan one.
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