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Rear strut bar install on a "04" Elantra 4 door

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My first project on an import, the insanity. This my install of a Mussa Racing rear strut bar.

Ain't she a beauty. Fold the rear seats down, start unbolting the hinges with a 3/8 dr ratchet and a 12mm socket. Then remove the seats to a safe place.

I chose not to remove the bottom seat, but its a bit easier to unbolt the side cushions with the bottom piece removed. Each side cushion needs one bolt removed on the bottom, then push it up to unhook it. You'll see the strut tower at this point.

Remove the two grey trim panels that are behind the seats. If you are not sure, use a door trim removal tool to remove the plastic push-in plugs. Otherwise, you will break them.

Now remove, with the tool carefully, the side trim panels on the sides of the back window, be careful. The wiring for the rear defroster is in that area.

The final piece is the rear deck panel, which covers the speakers and stuff. Remove two screws that hold two support brackets on the front. Pop out, disconnect, and remove the third brake light. At this poiint I choose not to remove the entire panel. But, just enough to install the bar.

And right:

Just reverse the process to re-assemble. Note: This what you got to do to get at the rear speakers as well, if you plan installing something.
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can you post the link to that sway bar? you will notice a difference more in the front strut bar. i know because i have both... i put the front one on first and the steering immediately felt tighter. the rear one i didn't feel as much a difference
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