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Recommendations on a New Stereo System

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I have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra. I am looking to upgrade the the stereo.
This will be my first system, and it is my first car. Detailed recommendations and instructions would be greatly appreciated.
I was looking at a touchscreen double din head unit, such as the JVC KW-AV50.
I would like it to play DVD's, AUX, USB flash drive (more GB's the better and charge an iPod), and possibly SD card.
I was looking at (2) 12" P3 Rockford Fosgate subwoofers with an Alpine MRP1000 amp.
I'm not sure on other speakers or parts I would need.
I'm open for an overhaul of this plan if needed.

I also would like to tint my windows.
Is it easy to do or, do I need to bring it to a shop?

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I would use one of Pioneer's touchscreen head units, you can get one as low as $299 that play dvd's and charge your ipod. The question is for the speakers in the car would you amp those or let the head unit power them? If your gonna let the head unit power the speakers than Pioneer all the way. Compared to JVC which is a good company but not the best with sound quality on the built in amp. Just my two cents on the headunit peice. As for the sub woofer I use to have an 05' elantra and I had one 12" Alpine type R sub with a kicker amp and that rocked, so up to you how much bass you want.
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