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I wanted to make this post to help others who may have had similar problems with their air conditioners as myself.

My a/c starting acting up a while back in my 2008 Hyundai Elantra. It was as if the fan was only blowing part of the time when I had it on the highest setting. I could hear the fan coming on then cutting off intermittently. I checked the fuses and they were all fine. Then one day it just stopped blowing all together. Another weird thing was that when I was on the highway the air would blow through the car and it would be cold but it wouldn't come out very forcibly. After much research I came to the conclusion that the blower motor must have went bad so I decided to replace it. I ordered one off of but decided to not buy the cheapest one due to bad reviews. The part cost $94.50 new. Installation was a bit of a hassle but worth saving the money because it truly is an easy fix.

I found this video [ ] which shows the basics of changing the blower motor on an older model Elantra. The differences were that the plug was in the back right and there is no blower drain hose. It is always a good idea to disconnect the battery when working with any type of electrical component for many reasons. The blower is located directly under the passenger side dash and can be reached by lying upside-down in the floorboard. To start essentially, you remove the electrical connector which takes a lot of effort due to the clip on the inside. After much wiggling and pulling it came free. Ideally it wouldn't be so tough but I'd rather it not pop out at random times either. Once disconnected there are only 3 screws that hold the blower in place. Remove those and you can pull the blower down and out. Installation of the new blower is simply the reverse of this. Replace the screws and the electrical connector and you are done!

I would also like to say that this would be a good time to change your air cabin filter if you have not already. Mine was severely dirty and clogged which may have put a strain on my old blower motor thus causing the problem. It is an easy fix and is located behind the glove box.

Once I had everything changed out, I started the car and the a/c came on strong as ever. Problem solved! Like I said before, I wanted to write this to help other people who may be having troubles. I am no trained mechanic but I would gladly answer your questions if I can. It really is an easy fix that most people could do. The worst part was lying awkwardly enough in the floor to reach it.
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