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Hello everyone 馃憢

Me and my dad replaced the shocks on my 01 but after driving around I noticed that the front right is about an inch lower then the left. I鈥檓 pretty solid the parts are correct as they鈥檙e from rock auto. Suggestions?

my main question is what is the factory height from the tires to the fender?

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That's odd. I have replaced all of the struts on my cars and never had this issue. If the are the same struts they should sit evenly unless one of your struts is a lemon. What brand are they? I am not sure what the height is supposed to be.

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I may not be an expert, but I would think that the ride that is sitting higher looks installed incorrectly.
I have accidentally done it myself. Turned out the upper mount was turned and was not seated properly.

BTW, I still have some 2001 Elantra parts laying around.
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