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Save 50% on car insurance

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Another Yahoo pick this morning.

Sounds like a good deal to me, especially since I do drive less tan 15K miles a year. I don't care if GM/GMAC knows how much, when, or where I drive. This is a good deal for people like me, that are able to opt in to this program.

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sounds pretty cool but lets see it in practice. alot of times they run stuff like this, but the insurance while not advertised as being different actually has some lowered payout costs. so your fine if you smack another elantra, but hit a Mercedes and find yourself SOL
i went from progressive auto (206/mo) and allstate renters (23/mo) to statefarm for both and went down to 103/mo then when it renews next month its 96$. i saved like 60% lol
thats like my exact scenario. i have state farm, and its the cheapest of just about every single person i know for people in their 20s in the pittsburgh area. But thats WITH a 2nd type of insurance out with them, you have renters, i have home owners, the discounts are about the same. I think i pay 97 a month for mine. and i turn 25 in 2 months, they sent me a letter saying it should go down again then :D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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