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First, print out the directions from Webtech. Then throw them away, they are trash in this case (although Webtech stuff is usually well done).

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.

Front Seats

1. Remove the four 14mm bolts that hold the seat in place. There are two in the front and two in the back. The two in the back are covered by plastic covers which need to be removed, just pull on them.

2. Gently let the seat fall back and lean on the back seat.

3. Unclip the 3 connectors (airbag and seat belt?).

4. Put the back of the seat into the full upright position and then carefully pick it up and out or the car.

5. Install is the reverse of removal.

Some tips on the front seat install:

Make sure the seats are all the way back on each slider before trying to fit them into place, if you don't do this the seats won't line up with the holes (I tried, I felt stupid). Also, you have to put the front of the seat in first, because along with the two bolts there are two little metal rods (I guess that's the right word) that need to be inserted into a second set of holes. When you get those rods into the holes, and the bolt holes line up, sit on the seat and put the first two bolts in part of the way, so the weight of the seat back doesn't make the seat fall over, and out of the holes. Then put the back bolts in, and tighten up the front ones.

Be sure you tighten these bolts as MUCH as you possibly can. You don't want to get into an accident and have the whole seat fly through the windshield with you attached to it.

Rear Seat

I did this part kind of backwards. I was so mad that I couldn't get the seats out that when I finally figured it out I didn't want to stop and take pics. Therefore, this is going to be a DIY for the install of the backseats, removal would just be the opposite.

1. Start with no seats in the back.

2. Take the side bolsters and put them in place. First get the seatbelt out of the way. Then put the bolster above the final location and slide down into place. Then bolt it into place at the bottom. Do the same for the other side.

3. Bring the seat bottom into place. Put the two front hooks into the slots they slide into (not pictured, sorry). Then attach the rear of the seat with the two bolts.

4. Use the bracket (from the old seats) that holds the two seat backs together for the new seat backs. The two seat backs should then be held together.

(On old seats)

(On new seats)

5. Attach the sides of the seat back using two bolts (one on each side).

6. Attach the rear of the seat backs to the trunk area using the same bracket that holds the seat backs together. There are two bolts.

7. Fold the seats back up and lock them into place (no bolts or anything, the hooks just slide into the slots.

Removal is the reverse of install.

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One little tip, make sure you but your seat belts in the little slots in the rear seat bottoms. Took my car in for some work and got home with no rear seatblets.

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well i guess u didnttake picsof what i needed anyways... removing the back seat.. but i figured out all u need is a good pull.

thanks anyways man
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