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CAT P/N: 239-5025
Here the STEPS:
1). Connect CAT ET Software to the ECM. After connected, it will showing information/ message box Select one of the following ECMs..., the second list is Blank Box (Flash Required), that's what gonna do today. Please choose the first list, then click OK.
2). Click on Menu Utilities, then WinFlash.
3). Click on Blank ECM J1939 S/N: 3208B019HL, then Load Flash File (for CAT Messenger), FREE download here 3145001.FLS
4). Click Load Product Flash File, select for Flash File 3145001.FLS, and click Begin Flash, then please wait the process (Flash in progress) until 100%.
5). When the process is completed, will showing message box Flash Completed Successfully, and New S/W Part # : 3145001-00. Click on Cat ET to return to Cat ET menu, click WinFlash to back to WinFlash menu, or click Exit to close the program.
6). New S/W Part # : 3145001-00 will showing while power up CAT Messenger Display (right-above side), or through Service then System Version, and look at SW Part Number on CAT Messenger Display.
7). If successful, CAT Messenger Display will displays on normal operation as below;

WinFlash - only available on CAT ET with Full Dealer Service above, and not available on Full Customer Service version.

#Additional Note:
→After Step No.2 (Utilities - WinFlash), on other case will showing the ECM Replacement File Reminder message box as below. Click Yes to Save, or click No to skip.
→If you click Yes, then click on Create File, enter the File name, and click Save to save the ECM Replacement files.

If you have any other questions, Email: [email protected]
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