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Short Shifter & Bushings

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So I wanted to get a short shifter for my XD. I liked the one from TWM performance but maybe its too pricey has anyone got any idea to get short shifters from & as for bushings I wanna replace all of them possible... Are the one from TWM good??
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B&M and TWM are probably the best short shifters (not only shorter in height but shorter in shifting distance). TWM is the shortest. I own a B&M and like it since it's not too short. Definitely get the TWM solid base bushings and shifter linkages. It makes it all work together and it's amazing to drive.
I plan on getting the B&M shifter do you know what exact what website its selling them & yes I am getting TWM solid bushing & shifter linkage bushings
I got mine off ebay but that was like 10 years ago. I would check ebay and amazon.
Thanks for the info mlumz I'm tempting on the twm shifter
I have the twm shifter, its really short and takes more effort. i used to have the B&M and shifting was easier because the stick is longer,when i bought B&M use to includ the Quick silver shift knob, now they dont :(
I got my short shifter from & seller proauto for $17.10 in total. I bought it four years ago so not sure if it's still available. Compared to my friends TWM shifter it feels exactly the same, which pissed him off when he found out how much i paid Lol


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It looks like the page isn't there no more & that really sucked lol.
Im a just try out b&m short shifter first
I have the Ralco RZ shifter and its great. Easy to install and worth the price. Cheaper than both the B&M and the TWM by a large margin and works just as well.
Could this be the Ralco RZ shifter here's the link:

It says it only fits hyundai 00-05 accents but I went on descriptions & it show it fits 01-2041 hyundai elantra
Here's the description.


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i cant speak for anyone else but, my twm shifter wont work in concert with the twm solid bushings, theres this really bad binding in 3-5th gear.
Can anybody verify if this 2001 short shifter will work on my 2003 Elantra?

Here's a link. The guy said he's not sure if it'll work, but it looks awfully similar to the shifter Pitbullonacid posted a few posts up...
I am not 100%, but if it says it will work for a 2001 Elantra then it should work with any Elantra from 2001-2003.
I am not 100%, but if it says it will work for a 2001 Elantra then it should work with any Elantra from 2001-2003.
I'd imagine if it works for that range it should work for any Elantra up to 2006, because the brand name short shifters are showing 2002-2006. That's the sketchy part about this one showing 2001 haha

I think I will give it a go. If it doesn't fit, it'll end up on the marketplace here ;)
Yeah, you are probably right. It should work for all those years. Let us know how it goes.
it will work, the important thing if you order this shifter and take your old one out is to measure the shifter
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