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Should i buy a salvage 2015 Hyundai Accent car, Need Some Advice!

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Hello Everyone,
Excited to be part of the Hyundai community, and I can't wait to learn and share with all of you. I recently came across a 2015 Hyundai Accent for sale with great features like a moonroof, Bluetooth, premium audio, cruise control, and a touch screen. It also has heated seats and a heated steering wheel, perfect for cold weather. The seller is asking $8,500, but the car has a Salvage Title. Can anyone suggest what to check before making a decision? Wanting to ensure a good deal. Looking forward to your advice.

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It honestly looks good and price seems fair. However, I'd worry about the salvage title. A quick check of used 2015 Accent prices in my area, and you can easily find comparable models with clean titles, albeit generally high mileage. I guess it depends on the mileage of your prospect. Personally, I'll walk out 9 times out of 10, it's not worth it. Plus, salvaged cars can be very expensive to insure, if you can manage to insure it. Again, car looks great tho.
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Hey @EardenTan, Thank you for replying, Sorry for my late reply, I did not proceed to buy the car and I haven't checked the forum as I don't see any one reply, so yes long story short, the only way to know the history of the car is getting the Carfax, so I went on and get one but not from Carfax, I got it from this Site: Lookup any vehicle in seconds for accidents, service history and more!, because it's very cheap, so in the report mentioned
09/27/2021Damage ReportSONOMA, CA60,359Accident Or Collision Reported Vehicle Damage Reported Body Repair Performed
even though if it's repaired professionally, I also think selling it after some period of using it, and knowing that I have to sell way cheaper than what I bought, it's not worth it. What is your thought? Below is the report

Report: Vehicle History Report for VIN: KMHCT4AE3FU937797
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