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Smoked Tail Light Question...

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Hello, I have seen a couple of people whoes tail lights appear to be basically tinted, like the glass/plastic is smoked and it appears like a black color, but I guess the light still shines through pretty much like normal? I was just wondering where you get these at, if its actually the plastic that is smoked, or its somekind of a cover, or if its something that you do yourself, I don't know so was just curious If I could get some information on it, I looked at several hyundai sales sites and I couldn't find anything. Thanks!
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You can get the covers from KSpec, or you can spray them like I did with VHT Nite-Shades spray tint, available online at Summit Racing or your local ricer shop.
I used the VHT Nite Shades, with a satin finish for the clear coat.

I also did the third brake light too.

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Check this thread for some info. Or like Josh K and others have done, you can use Niteshades (search online for a store to buy it from).

by adding these nite shades or darkend tail light covers is it still legal ? Just wondering cause i live in california and i wanna make sure im not gonna get pulled over for this.
Well, it's pretty much illegal. Some cars do come with darkened taillights though. A cop will give you a ticket if he/she wants, but I doubt most are going to give you a ticket just for that. If you stick to a couple light coats then I'm sure you'd be alright.

And you can still see the red lights and everything clear through the smoked tail light? Thanks for the info btw!
my roommate did it on his SRT4 about a month ago. he did it after the ispection just to be on the safe side. he did i think 2 coats of nitesade like paint which he got at a craft store and a coat of clear. they appear rather dark actually but the light still shines through. knock on wood but so far no problems with cops and i was in the car with him at least 2 times with a cop car right behind us. as far as the legality of it goes it varies from state to state from what i've heard. here in PA i think i've read somewhere that the law says that the red light should be visible from 500 feet away when you step on the brakes and that the taillight should reflect red light when the light is shining at it. in other words do your research.
Make sure you people buff the tails out they shine a little more :)
Anyone have a white elantra that has done this, I have been thinkin about it for a while. would like to see if anyone has done it.
Josh K has a white Elantra and smoked taillights, have a look at his member profile.
We smoked the taillights on my friend's golf with 2 coats of the spray followed by a coat of clear. Also, to be on the safe side, we upgraded his rear lights to high output LEDs.

He's gotten pulled over for them once, but when he proved to the cop that the rear lights were even brighter than stock, he was let of with just a "warning."
I was unable to find this product you were refering to that you can buy from kspec, would you be able to post a link please? Thanks!

Are they still selling them?
well i live in california, and so far so good (knock on wood) but with the covers over the original light it should still be legal, cause u can see the red in the sunlight, but at night as long as u have the lights on it should be no problem. it all depends on the cop
just tape off some of the red reflector and dont go too dark..
after applying the VHT Nite-Shades spray , is it possible to remove it later?

Also, do u apply it by taking off the lense, or can u leave the lense on your car and just put some plastic covering up the rest of that section of ur car
It's probably best to just take out the lights. There isn't many bolts holding them in, shouldn't be a big deal.

Apparently you can remove it with paint thinner/stripper, but I'd say it's probably best to leave it on once it's on.

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