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Snaps - Oregon Trail

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There is an iPhone remake of Oregon Trail that is actually quality. Downloading it now.


This is only the second app I've paid for.

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How much?

I just played for an hour on Normal (have to beat Normal to unlock hard) and it's a bit easy. Although, I've lost one of the kids already.

Not bad, I may have to check that out.
The only bad thing is that there is a bunch of loading. Not loading that encourages slowdown in game, just between being on the trail, hunting, fishing, going into a town, etc. When it's loading there is a "learning" part where it gives you info about the Oregon Trail. I've already seen a couple of them twice, I wish there was more learning.

I'm going to jump on it. I loved the old Oregon Trail, but this will be my very first app that I will actually have paid for.
oregon trail was one of the only apps i allowed into my facebook, but it was a shortlived thing before i dumped all my apps.

also was i the only one that saw the word "snaps" and knew IMMEDIATELY that this thread was started by super?
Loading? In a game originally on a floppy so big you could eat dinner off of it? Lamesauce.

How did the kid die, Super? Dysentery?
would you like some lamejuice with your lamesauce?

oh yeah, and ipods are "eh". ill take my samsung omnia anyday!
It's a bit updated.....

Actually a bald eagle attacked my wagon and took her away.

aww. i duno how i feel about that. i mean i guess it could use an update n all, but classics are classics!
It's a bit updated.....

Actually a bald eagle attacked my wagon and took her away.
WHAT???? Lol awesome!
I was panning for gold like a mother**** today.

I still need to get this game. Idk though, the price throws me off a bit. I hate paying for apps
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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