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SPOTTED: Barley Island; Noblesville, IN

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Just happened to glance over on my way home and saw it parked in the parking lot for Barley Island (Brew/Pub) a block from my house. I'm almost positive the owner of this black beauty isn't a member of the site..I would remember this car.

They had plates starting with 29 which meant they live in Hamilton county. I spotted a lip kit of some sort (don't know which one), clear sidemarkers, tint, wheels, vent shades, and an Eibach sticker in both C pillar windows. Here's the pictures:

Just to give you an idea of HOW close this was to my house...look at the first pic, right above the car. Look for the Isotope green Volkswagen...and just to the right of that you will see my car parked out in front of my house.

I put an EXD card in his window, hope he joins up.


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did you leave them a message or something about the boards? Thats a nice XD for sure
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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