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Stainless Steel Brake Lines Install- Updated

Super easy install

Link to instructions

I ran out of time tonight to finish off the write up but will try to complete tomorrow :)

Tools and Equipment Needed.

1) Jack and Axle Stands
2) WD-40 or other rust penetrating lubricant
3) Wrenches 10mm, 12mm, 14mm
4) Sockets 12mm, 14mm
5) Needle nose pliers
6) Flathead Screwdriver
7) Cups / Tubs / Rags
8) Clear plastic tubing
9) DOT3 Break Fluid

Step 1-
First lets take a look at what we're dealing with. Circled you will see the three areas we have to unbolt and remove to install our new stainless steel brake lines. From the top down.
Upper threaded connection
10mm Bolt strut mount
Lower caliper connection
Spray a LIBERAL amount of penetrating fluid on all threaded sections and clean with a wire brush to remove loose dirt and debris. Let it soak in for a minimum of 20-30 minutes.

Step 2-
Personally I preffered to start with the upper threaded connection. Begin by loosening the 14mm threaded connection and use a cup of some kind to catch the escapping break fluid. Continue to loosen the connection until removed.
Its at this time why I preffer to start with the upper, connect the new ss line to the hard line and place the ss line above the connection and lightly secure it out of the way. See pic2
Doing this will minimise the loss of fluid from the hard lines.

Step 3-
Next is to remove the bolt that secures the line to the shock braket with a 10mm socket or wrench.

Step 4-
Next, remove the threaded end from the caliper. Loosen the connection with the 12mm wrench. Re-thread in the ss line end and you are almost done.

Step 5-
As in step 3, use the supplied hardware and secure the new SS Line to the shock tower.

Step 6-
All other corners will be the same as above. Complete all 4 and Bleed your breaks!!


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Where did this DIY go? I have four brake lines sitting in my room, just like the phenolic spacer, damn I should stop working, it's eating up all my time!

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Thanks, meng. By the way, can you explain how to bleed the brakes for retards such as myself?

And what's the clear tubing for? I'm a supposed to asphyxiate myself while doing this installation?

Funny thing: You need a user name and password when you click your "link to instructions" link.

Ok, figured out the bleeding (and what the tube is for).

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OK.. today may be the day for resurrecting old threads but I think it is relevant in this case :

I have purchased SS brake lines for my '05 GT which comes with ABS. In the Elantra shop manual it talks about using the hi-scan(pro) connected to the data-link (OBD II , I assume) under the dash panel to run the ABS motor pump when bleeding the brake system. Does anyone have any experinece of this and is it a requirement *every* time you bleed the system or just when you completely replace the brake fluid. In other words when I replace the brake lines can I just bleed the system the old fashioned way..?

EDIT: just found a useful article on Brake Bleeding...

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from RDtiburon....they have group buys for goodridge lines...from what i have heard you can buy them from somewhere...but i dont know where...i bought mine and are actually coming back with toymachine from canada...

if you have ABS you will need to hook it up to the scan tool to open the abs selinoid (sp....its too early) or you will not get all of the fluid.
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